hi i'm gerrie. i made this list of organized resources regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). many of these are things you can do at home.

i guarantee that there's something for everyone here.

if you don't have enough time to scroll through, i suggest this resource. it covers a lot of ground and has regional resources for pretty much everywhere.

stay safe. be brave. we need you.

_last updated: 5/11/20

for you

learning about coronavirus



diy-3d printer



jobs-small jobs

jobs - filing for unemployment

coronavirus stimulus package

tax day has been pushed back to july 15, but you may need to file before then to receive your rebate from the government. here are some free tools to file your taxes:


got kids?

aid for certain demographics

if you identify as LGBTQ+ -please remember, the lgbtq+ community is more prone to cigarette/vape use, and damaged lungs is a risk factor for the coronavirus

free (or discounted) products

free -if you're a student (read: have an .edu email)

freelance artist resources

covid-19 resources for small businesses spreadsheet

online grocery delivery services (please respect strikes)

for others

$ = denotes fundraising item
p = denotes a signable petition keeps coronavirus and related trending issues on their front page.

volunteer to fight coronavirus - may not need medical expertise
help transcribe for the library of congress

despite the pandemic, immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) continues to detain immigrants, going so far as to pose as doctors and take PPE from hospitals to continue doing their work.

resources for immigrants and people who may be ESL or not speak english at all

anti-asian racism and asian-targeted hate crimes have spiked since the start of the epidemic. asian people are getting hurt, stabbed. personal accounts report even people who don't look chinese (people who aren't east asian) getting harassed.

like ICE-detained migrants, people who are in prisons are more likely to catch and transmit infectious diseases, given their tight quarters.

why medicare for all?


sex workers

with others

$ = denotes fundraising item
p = denotes a signable petition keeps coronavirus and related trending issues on their front page.

general organizing

stay informed with who is organizing strikes. don't cross the picket line by using these services. support workers. (last updated 3/29/20)

facebook groups to check out

workplace organization: do you work in dangerous conditions (defined as face-to-face contact without PPE)? learn how to organize your workplace for employee rights

rent: despite the loss of many people's income and mortgage freezes, landlords are still demanding people pay rent. as a tenant, YOU HAVE RIGHTS. even if the world is ending.

other debts/bills you may have to pay despite loss of income (including student loans)


for frontliners

ppe sources

how long does the virus live on surfaces?

  • air: 3 hours

  • copper: 4 hours

  • cardboard: 24 hours

  • stainless steel: 48 hours

  • plastic: 72 hours

how to upgrade a surgical mask to nearly n95 efficiency with three rubber bands

how to reuse your mask - obviously, this is not ideal since n95s are meant to be a one-time use. please note that none of these methods are officially endorsed by the cdc or who, and that repeated exposure of N95s to heat may degrade quality.

annals of occupational hygiene: Evaluation of Five Decontamination Methods for Filtering Facepiece Respirators (please note that these methods were tested for influenza, not COVID-19)


researchers, scientists, and doctors are working as hard as possible to develop medical tools that can fight the coronavirus.

please do not take chloroquine or other un-tested medications without the supervision of a doctor.

coronavirus clinical trials - a free global resource to both researchers and the general public on covid-19 clinical trials
mt. sinai's experimental treatment using the antibodies of recovered coronavirus treatment
livescience list of possible coronavirus treatments
treatments in the pipeline
leading epidemiologist who helped eradicate smallpox believes in antivirals
NYT article: Rational panic, but also rational hope

for fun

for learning